Stocks fee and Agency Stocks Fund

2020-02-07 11:02:04

Stocks fee – fee paid by producers and traders from 1 January 2015 in favor of the MRA in order to cover the costs of creating and financing of agency stocks.

Stocks fee of fuels except liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is equal to the ratio of volume of production or importation of fuel in units of weight converted on crude oil equivalent and the fee per ton of crude oil equivalent.

Stocks fee of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is equal to the ratio of volume of production or import of LPG in units of weight and the fee per ton of LPG.

Payment deadline – producers and traders are obliged to pay stocks fee by the last day of the month following the month in which there was production or importation of fuels.

Details on the calculation of the stocks fee available in the tab: "rates and rules for calculating the stocks fee".

Agency Stocks Fund – created by the Act "on stocks" state earmarked fund, managed by the President of MRA, collecting funds for the creation and maintenance of agency stocks and financing tasks of the MRA in developing and keeping agency stocks.

The funds comes from:

  • stocks fee,
  • income associated with the release of intervention agency stocks and their exchange and conversion,
  • compensation due to insurance of agency stocks,
  • interest on account of the interest of the Fund and interest on deposits temporarily free funds of the Fund,
  • proceeds from penalties,
  • donations and bequests,
  • loans from the state budget,
  • proceeds from other titles.

The purpose of the fund – exclusively on the implementation of the MRA tasks in creating and maintaining the agency stocks, in particular:

  • the purchase of crude oil or fuel stocks allocated to the agency stocks in the amount of ensuring compliance with the requirements, including the purchase of crude oil or fuel stocks allocated to the agency stocks for another year in connection with the resulting reduction, according to the Act, in the next calendar year compulsory stocks levels of crude oil or fuels and respecting the need of the agency to meet the requirements referred to in Article 21c, paragraph 2,
  • storage of the agency stocks,
  • replacement and exchange of the agency stocks, including the costs of moving,
  • insurance of the agency stocks,
  • commissioning by the President of the Agency, on the basis of contracts, tasks in relation to creating and maintaining agency stocks,
  • restoration of the agency stocks in the event of emergency release,
  • construction of storage facilities for maintaining of the agency stocks by the Agency,
  • refund of overpaid or wrongly paid stock fees,
  • refund of the penalties referred to in Article 63, paragraph 1, point 1a,
  • the costs of the Agency's activities related to the performance of tasks in the creation of and maintenance of the agency stocks,
  • service support of state loans and their repayments.
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