The MRA tasks

12 Apr 2016, 14:22

The MRA tasks include:

  • maintaining strategic reserves including their storage, changing and exchanging and preservation of maintained strategic reserves,
  • execution of the decisions of the minister competent in the matters of energy with regard to creating, release and liquidation of strategic reserves in accordance with the principles of the Act on Strategic Reserves,
  • making investments connected with construction or modernization of technical infrastructure intended for maintaing strategic reserves,
  • purchase and maintaing of the agency stocks of crude oil and petroleum products in complience with the principles set forth in the Act on crude oil and petroleum products stocks as well as execution of other obligations arising from the Act,
  • execution of control functions at the entities entrusted to maintain strategic reserves on the base of the storage contract,
  • preparing draft information on strategic reserves stock, its quantity and value and ways of funding, use and distribution,
  • preparing plans, information, procedures, reports and other documents within the scope specified in the Act or other Acts,
  • execution of other tasks specified in Acts or in the Strategic Reserves Program.
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