Certificate of Integrated Management System

2016-04-22 10:12

The Material Reserves Agency implemented and maintains a Management System which consists of:

  • Quality Management System in accordance with ISO standards PN-EN 9001:2009 based on a process approach, streamlining the functioning of the MRA and aiming to meet the expectations of stakeholders,
  • Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO standards PN-EN 14001:2005, whereby through a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the impact on the environment it is possible to eliminate or minimize the negative impact that the Agency has on the environment,
  • Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO standards PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2014 which provides a proper state of conservation of tangible and intangible assets reducing the risk of violation of their accessibility, confidentiality or integrity,
  • Counteracting Corruption Threats System in accordance with additional requirements to the ISO 9001 standard, confirming the use of solutions that eliminate or greatly reduce the possibility of corruption.

Current implemented system includes all areas of the MRA activities.

Compatibility of the implemented systems with the requirements of the standards has been confirmed by an independent certification body and supported by certificates granted.


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